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Acne is an issue most us end up facing at some point in our lives. It’s a frustrating aspect of our human body that is often completely out of our hands, with no amount of face washing or routine hygiene activities providing proper relief. 


Because acne is such a common issue there have been an enormous amount of techniques and products discovered or developed to try and put the issue to bed once and for all. Some are more successful than others, but there’s no catch-all solution that works every time on everyone. 


A modern contender in the fight against acne is salt therapy. Spending time in salt rooms has a number of wide ranging benefits, many of which are focused on the respiratory system. However, the effects of salt on the skin are becoming more well-known and well-researched, with all signs pointing to it being a great way to reduce acne. 

What Is a Salt Room?

The idea behind salt rooms and salt therapy in general is steeped in history. For centuries people have used naturally formed salt caves for their physical and mental health effects. The effects of these caves have been adapted for the modern day, recreating the environment in easily accessible rooms. As you sit in the room you’ll be exposed to very fine salt mists that work their way into your respiratory system and are absorbed by the skin.


At Crysopa we offer Himalayan salt room therapy sessions amongst a number of other treatments.

How Does Salt Room Therapy Treat Acne?

Many of the benefits and relief that salt room therapy can provide to acne sufferers stems from the anti-bacterial environment it creates. The salt particles that filter through the air while participating in this treatment are absorbed into the skin, this environment will dry out your existing pimples to stop them in their tracks. 

To get your face back to being clear, the salty air actually boosts exfoliation through the elimination of debris and dead skin cells, while also adjusting the PH-balance of your skin. This process increases the strength of the protective barrier that lives on the skin’s surface, giving you extra protection against future acne flare ups. 

What Are The Benefits of Salt Room Therapy For Acne Compared to Other Treatments?

One of the big advantages that salt room therapy has over many other acne treatments is just how easy it is. There aren’t any complicated procedures or cumbersome routines you need to strictly follow, instead you simply hop into one of Cryospa’s Himalayan salt rooms and let the salt get to work. To make things even more appealing, the process is entirely painless. In fact, salt room therapy is known for its positive influence on mental health through reducing stress and increasing sleep quality. When you book in for a salt room session you can expect a peaceful experience.


Most importantly, salt room therapy for acne has been shown to penetrate much deeper than other acne treatments. This is thanks to a process called microcirculation, which is the circulation of blood in your smallest blood vessels. When you combine all of that with the numerous other non-acne health benefits it’s hard not to see why salt room therapy is an ideal treatment for acne.