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Best Red Light Therapy
– Sydney –

You’ve finally found it: your anti-aging time machine.

Get rid of stretch marks and wrinkles with our healing light – the results you could achieve with the best red light therapy in Sydney’s North Shore.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a safe whole body treatment where wavelengths of red, natural light are emitted onto the human body and are absorbed by your cells.

The effect of the red light therapy treatment is to enhance a molecule in your body known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a curious yet extremely powerful substance that boosts the energy of every cell in your body.

Because your cells are succumbed so much to these enormously powerful wavelengths, the result is as if you’re Benjamin Button: aging less, as time moves forward.

Your skin will look younger, and you’ll be reaping the gains of stronger muscles.

In the heart of Sydney at Cryospa Clinics, we use 42 Collagen BodyWave which emits 633nm of selected red light, specifically using wavelengths to increase your body’s collagen production and stimulating your fibroblasts (i.e. the cells in your dermis).

  • No tissue damage.
  • No increase in body temperature.
  • The result?
  • Your body is re-juvinated.
  • Your collagen is boosted.

And you’ll unlock access to a proven method that reduces wrinkles and improves your skin texture.

It’s like stepping into an anti-aging time machine – unlocking the fountain of youth that heroes of folklore could only dream about.

Is red light therapy safe?

It’s absolutely safe.

Don’t believe it when you hear ‘red light therapy is a hoax’. That’s far from the truth.

Red light therapy is a a non-invasive, painless, non-surgical procedure that can help you unlock scores of benefits (which we’ll discuss much more below).

The only thing you’ll feel is a soothing comfortable warmth.

Red light therapy: the benefits

Red light therapy is often heralded as one of the best body therapies for:

  • ▪Getting rid of stretch marks
  • ▪Weight loss
  • ▪Acne
  • ▪Tanning
  • ▪Sleep
  • ▪Weight loss
  • ▪Pain
  • ▪And more!

We’ll consider some of these aspects in more detail below.

Will red light therapy help stretch marks?

Well it certainly can.

We get it. Stretch marks look ugly, they’re embarrassing, and they can be super hard to get rid of.

It’s not surprising that so many people are turning to red light therapy to enhance their skin’s appearance with the treatment that’s one of the best things for stretch marks.

Most regular treatments won’t work. Creams might work if you catch your stretch marks only on, but they run the risk of irritating your skin.

There’s another treatment out there called “sandblasting”, which lobs off your dead skin cells using small crystals.  If you’ve got sensitive skin, this probably isn’t the best option as you run the risk of skin damage.

Red light therapy is specifically designed to shoot waves of red light to your skin, soaking into what is called the ‘mitochondria’ (which are basically the firepower of your cells).

The ‘mitochondria’ then powers up your ATP, boosting the energy of your cells and rejuvenating the skin all around your body.

That means red light therapy you’ll find is one of the best remedies for stretch marks and producers of healthy-looking skin.

How does red light therapy help with weight loss?

The magic of red light therapy is that it opens fat cells and turns your fat into liquid, meaning it has no choice but to leave your body – ultimately reducing your weight.

We know.

“That is complete nonsense”.

But seriously, we’re not kidding.

A 2011 study published in Obesity Surgery found that exposing to red light therapy actually causes your body’s adipocytes (i.e. fat cells) to release triglycerides (i.e. probably the most extremely common types of fat in your bloodstream).

The result is simple – fat leaving your body. In fact, in that 2011 study, participants undertook red light therapy and lost 2.15 centimetres girth of their waist.

Can red light therapy help eczema?

If you or a loved one are suffering from discoid eczema and are continuously feeling pain or experiencing the cycle of ‘healing and flaring’, give red light therapy a go.

Inflammation arising from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis have constantly been proven to be treated effectively by red light.

Red light therapy induces some wildly effective ‘anti-inflammatory’ effects that you can see documented in dozens of clinical trials.

Just check out this one study from 2013 reported in the Journal of Dermatological Science.

Experts compared the benefits of immunosuppressive drugs and red light therapy, finding that the latter produces incredible benefits like reduced inflammation, lower skin lesion severity and a rejuvenated skin barrier.

Infrared light vs red light: what’s the difference?

The primary differences between infrared light are:

  • You can’t see infrared light, but you can certainly see red light.
  • Infrared lights penetrate deeper than red light, and have longer wavelengths.
  • Red light is more effective at penetrating your skin cells due to their specific wavelength, stimulating your collagen and restoring your skin (meaning you can say goodbye to your wrinkles).

At Cryospa Clinics, we don’t use infrared light, nor do we use LED lights for that matter. We only use red light lamps here in our Sydney clinic.

There are a lot of LED beds containing red light (633nm) and infrared light (850nm), so it’s super important not to confuse the two.

Although, if you’re interested in infrared technology, click here to learn more about how infrared sauna treatments can benefit your body.

Red light therapy vs sunlight: what’s the difference?

There’s a huge number of differences between red light therapy and natural sunlight:

  • You can use red light therapy at any time (even at night) – not the case with the sun
  • You can use red lights indoors in the privacy of our clinic (and the sun, well – it’s only outside)
  • Red light therapy produces healthy light, whereas the sun – as we all know down here in Australia – produces a mix of healthy and unhealthy light
  • There’s no harmful UV light with red light therapy, unlike the sun
  • Red light therapy can help reduce your pain quite significantly, but the sun can only really do that to a smaller extent.

We aren’t saying the sun is bad for you – that’s not the case.

You should always aim to get some healthy sun every now and again. After all, the sun can give you some healthy Vitamin D which red light therapy can’t do.

But red light therapy’s power in pounding your body with specific wavelengths (such as Cryospa Clinic’s 633nm), your skin and body will be treated to an amazing therapy with no known harmful side effects.

So those are the real variations between red light therapy and sunlight. You won’t have to ‘slip, slop, slap’ when you jump onto our red light treatment beds!

Looking for the best red light therapy in Sydney?

Cryospa Clinics has some of Sydney’s best red light therapy on offer – the healing light proven to do nothing but wonders for your skin, body and soul.

We’re located in Sydney’s beautiful North Shore, and specialise in one thing only: helping you restore your mind body and soul with amazing whole body treatment.

Red light therapy does just that – and we’re completely dedicated to giving you the prime treatment your skin (and your body) deserves.