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NormaTec Compression Boots
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Why Choose CryoSpa

Cryospa is an award winning health and wellness centre focussed on providing our clients with an environment where they can take some time to theirselves, escape the daily grind and re-boot their system. In our recovery lounge thats exactly what you get. Firstly if you book a NormaTec Compression Boot session that room is yours and yours alone unless you decide to bring a friend. There is no awkward eye contact, no forced conversation just total relaxation. 

We have two extremely comfortable arm chairs with ottomans, each with their own 55” led TV’s that stream Netflix, Stan, Kayo, Amazon Prime, Binge. So no matter what your preference of show is we have you covered. Each TV has its own set of headphones so you can immerse yourself into the experience without being distracted by whats going on in the next chair. You just put your feet up let the Normatec Compression Boots do their work and sink into the chair. 

We also have a PS4 in case you want to get into the competitive spirit, you can play single player or multi player if you bring a friend and you will each have your own tv to focus on. 

So no matter what experience you are after with your Normatec Compression Boots session we can provide it. Want to stream your favourite show? Want to find the inner gamer in you? Want to just chill take some time out to yourself in silence? Want to allocate some time to catch up on life with a friend? We can provide it all!

NormaTec Compression Boots

NormaTec compression boots have rapidly become one of the most popular recovery tools with both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Looking like a treatment plucked from the far flung future, NormaTec compression boots have become a staple of athletic performance thanks to the enormous recovery benefits they provide and how straightforward they are to use. They might look high tech, and the engineering behind them is quite complex, but in terms of recovery techniques Normatec compression boots are relatively easy to utilise. 


What Are NormaTec Compression Boots? How Do NormaTec Compression Boots Work?

You may have seen athletes on social media or TV lounging around with their legs inside big, puffy, black boots — these are NormaTec compression boots.

Created by Dr. Laura Jacobs over 20 years ago, these boots were designed based on the science of blood flow and with the backing of Dr. Jacobs’ experience in bioengineering. The blood circulating around your body delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to each of your cells, while also removing waste. Blood flow is a critical aspect of efficient and effective physical recovery, so finding a way to speed up this process has enormous health benefits.

NormaTec compression boots are designed to stimulate this cycle, allowing your muscles to recover at a greater pace by increasing blood flow to specific parts of your body. In the case of compression boots, the focus area is your legs. Perhaps in the past you’ve used a compression sleeve to assist with a troublesome knee or ankle. NormaTec compression boots are a similar product in theory, but with many extra layers of engineering to get you feeling your best as quickly as possible.

While someone receiving compression treatment is able to sit back and relax for the duration, at the same time extremely complex processes are at play within those black boots. Each leg is placed within an individual boot, both of which are connected to a control station. With this you can set up the specifics of your recovery session, choosing the length, level of intensity, and if you need any extra time spent on a specific area. NormaTec compression boots divide your legs into five separate zones, allowing you to target areas that may need greater assistance. 

How exactly do NormaTec compression boots work though?

Well, essentially the boots use compressed air to massage your legs by mimicking the way your muscles would naturally pump, in order to facilitate the recovery process. By closely copying the way your body normally functions, the pulse technology of NormaTec enhances the flow of fluid and metabolites out of your legs. 

The boots then use pulse technology to hold pressure and prevent fluids from being forced in the wrong direction of the cycle. This means the NormaTec recovery boots deliver maximum pressure in each of the five zones. 

Finally, the boots release the pressure at the precise moment it’s no longer needed in order to prevent backflow. Doing this ensures your legs receive optimal rest without requiring a noticeable pause between compression cycles. 

What Are The Benefits of Using NormaTec Compression Boots?

There are numerous benefits of using NormaTec compression recovery boots.

As previously mentioned, the boots are designed to assist in how quickly and efficiently you recover after a workout or exercise session. But what specific recovery benefits will you notice by spending time in NormaTec boots?

Some of these benefits include:

•Increased and more efficient blood circulation

•Improved removal of waste products, such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide

•Stimulation of lymph fluid circulation, which also assists with removing toxins and waste

•Enhanced flexibility as well as range of movement and motion

•Reduced swelling and inflammation of muscles and joints

•Fights against delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

•Helps reduce muscle fatigue after intense exercise

Overall, by making use of NormaTec leg compression boots as part of your recovery process, you’ll find you’ll be feeling less sore in a much quicker timeframe. This allows you to get back to performing at your best much quicker than usual. 

Who Should Use NormaTec Compression Boots?

NormaTec leg compression recovery boots can be used by absolutely anyone.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just recreationally active, the science behind each pair of NormaTec boots can help you feel your best. NormaTec boots are used for crossfit training, running, cycling, weight lifting, or any manner of competitive sport. If you’re exercising strenuously and putting your body to the test regularly it’s important to take appropriate care of it. By making sure you recover properly and efficiently, you can continue performing at the top of your game sooner and for longer. 

Examples of athletes who currently use NormaTec compression therapy for recovery include international superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, while Australian NormaTec compression boot users include Olympic swimmer Emily Seebohm, surfing world champion Mick Fanning, and Australian cricketer’s Mitchell Starc and David Warner. 

NormaTec Compression Boots how it works

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask you to wear shorts or compression shorts/pants/tights.

Loose fitting pants can become uncomfortable during the treatment.