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Persistent pain can be a frustrating thorn in your side, particularly if it’s an injury that is taking a while to recover. Not only can these kinds of pains keep you from playing sport, exercising and just being active in general, but in many cases it can impact your regular day-to-day activities. 


Pain management and effectively treating your injuries is something we will all encounter at some point in our lives, but it’s often massively neglected. The human body is wondrous in the many ways it can heal itself without any outside assistance, often doing so at lightning speeds. The natural talents of your body can only work so quickly and extend so far though, which is where utilising various treatments can provide a significant boost.


At Cryospa, we have four unique treatments that can provide different benefits and assistance with your pain management and overall recovery. Utilising one or a number of these treatments can get you on track to feeling 100 per cent once more. 

Infrared Sauna

You’ve likely utilised a regular sauna once or twice in the past, whether it be for its many physical benefits or just as a way to relax and unwind. An infrared sauna offers the same benefits, but utilises a different method of operation resulting in even more positives for the user.


Through using infrared lamps, the sauna is able to heat the body more directly, penetrating the muscles deeper while using much lower temperatures than a traditional sauna. The intense heat and humidity is an often cited reason for those who dislike saunas, so the infrared variety is a brilliant alternative.


One of the most welcome benefits of using an infrared sauna is the improvement of blood circulation. This is one of the key aspects of recovery from a number of physical injuries, including sprains, muscle spasms, and any general aches and pains you have lingering around your body. Additionally, the infrared sauna assists with detoxification, sending harmful toxins like nicotine away from the body. 


The theory behind cryotherapy, using cold temperatures to treat injuries, has been around for centuries, however modern cryotherapy techniques were established in the 1970s. A cryotherapy session sees you being immersed in a cryotherapy chamber where nitrogen mist cools it to a staggeringly cold -140°C. 


By immersing your muscles and joints in these freezing cold temperatures for a short period of time it prompts a number of natural bodily responses into effect, many of which diminish the impacts of muscle soreness and bodily aches. In the aftermath of a cryotherapy session you’ll notice reduced inflammation, while your body will benefit from decreased cell damage and increased sleep quality. Sleep is an integral part of recovery, which Cryotherapy can help with, assisting your body long after the session has concluded. 

Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan salt rooms are built to mimic real Himalayan salt caves you can find around the world, which have been well-documented for their natural healing properties. 


While most other treatments will often make many of their benefits well known to the eyes, easily being able to identify things like inflammation decreasing, the results from spending time in a Himalayan salt room are a little more subtle.


Inhaling the fine salt particles in these rooms fights against a number of the negative side effects from respiratory issues like bronchitis and ashmath. Additionally, it can help majorly with skin conditions like eczema and acne, boasts antiviral and anti-fungal benefits, and yes, it reduces inflammation too!

Normatec Compression Therapy

From a treatment inspired by wonders found in our natural environment to something a little more high tech, the fourth of Cryospa’s treatments that can assist with pain management is Normatec compression therapy. 


You might have seen athletes on social media using these puffy suits on their lower body. This form of recovery has become extremely popular with professional athletes, and it’s easy to see why when you know about the benefits! Using compressed air to massage your legs, the compression boots mimic the way your muscles naturally pump. This invokes natural bodily responses that result in increased blood circulation, removal of waste products, reduced swelling and inflammation, and a reduction in overall muscle fatigue. 


If you have lower body aches that need tending to, a Normatec compression therapy session could be the cure for what’s ailing you!