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The idea of using various forms of compression to gain health benefits or assist in the recovery
of a number of ailments is extremely popular. Compression therapy can increase blood flow,
assist in flexibility and decrease overall soreness in specific muscle groups.
It’s easy to see why compression therapy has become a staple of many athlete and non-athlete
lives when you examine just how long this treatment has been around for. Evidence of the very
first compression garments can be traced back to Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, with the
underlying therapy of treatment persisting for thousands of years. In the late 1930s compression
therapy began to take the form of some of the garments you would recognise today and since
then has been a staple response for treating many wide ranging physical issues.
Whether it’s swelling and sprains or general aches and pains, the benefits of compression
therapy are numerous, and most importantly, it’s extremely simple to incorporate into your daily

The Benefits of Compression Therapy

Increased Blood Flow

One of the main benefits of compression therapy is that it can increase the blood flow to specific
areas of the body. Generally, this is focused on the lower body as this is most commonly where
circulation and swelling issues are found, however increased blood flow from compression can
be utilised almost anywhere.
Increased circulation alone is a massive benefit and often the primary goal of increasing blood
flow via compression, but there are also other positives it brings. The increase in blood flow can
assist and improve the efficiency of waste product removal, such as lactic acid, which will leave
your muscles feeling a whole lot better after physical activity.


An often unexpected benefit of compression therapy is increased flexibility and range of motion.
It might sound contradictory, but compressing your muscles actually relaxes them and results in
improved range of motion. If you’re feeling stiff or could use a flexibility boost, incorporating
compression therapy into your routine could make a significant difference.

Reducing DOMS

Negating the impact of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is one of the most common
reasons you’ll see a professional athlete wear a compression sleeve or suit up in compression

It’s not just a convenient benefit for athletes though. For those who work physically intense jobs
or for those that have you constantly on your feet and standing throughout the day like nursing,
managing the impact of DOMS allows your body to keep functioning uninhibited.

Compression Therapy Treatment at Cryospa
Many different types of compression therapy are available today, ranging from socks, tights and
sleeves, all the way through to the advanced compression therapy we offer at Cryospa. Our
NormaTec compression boots are a state of the art treatment that uses compressed air to mimic
the way your muscles pump, speeding up the body’s natural recovery process. The treatment
can be optimised for specific parts of your legs, meaning particularly troublesome areas can get
the time they deserve.
While athletes have been quick to adopt compression therapy treatments like NormaTec
compression boots, they can be extremely helpful for everyday people. Particularly, for those
who work jobs that are stressful on the body, compression therapy can help you withstand your
daily activities better. Nurses, wait staff and other such roles are just some of the examples
where compression therapy can resolve a number of common physical issues.