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How Does Cryotherapy Help Athletes?
If you’re an athlete or even just a dedicated sports fan, you may have heard of cryotherapy
before. Elite athletes have begun adopting this modern recovery treatment in order to remain on
the cutting edge in their respective fields, as well using it to keep their bodies functioning at high
levels for longer periods. But what exactly is this mysterious cold recovery treatment and why
should you use it if you’re an athlete?

What Is Cryotherapy?
Using cold temperatures to treat injuries and reduce inflammation is one of the most traditional
and long standing techniques still utilised today. Its origins date back thousands of years and is
still used by every serious professional athlete for one major reason; it works.
Cryotherapy as it currently exists dates back to Japan in the 1970s. This revolution was
launched by Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi, who was working as a rheumatologist (a medical
professional who specialises in managing joint, muscle, and bone diseases). Initially, Dr.
Yamaguchi discovered cryotherapy as a way to treat his patients that were suffering from
arthritis. The treatment would see short term freezing applied to the skin’s surface to offer relief
for patients. Eventually, this treatment expanded across the world and began being utilised for
much more than treatment of arthritis, becoming a go-to recovery technique for professional
athletes looking to keep their bodies functioning at elite levels for longer.
At Cryospa, we offer cryotherapy for athletes in Sydney who are searching for the many benefits
it brings. Before the treatment begins, our cryotherapy professionals will talk through any
particular issues you may be experiencing, ranging from chronic pain and muscle fatigue to skin
Once you have been prepped, you will strip down to your underwear and be provided socks and
gloves to wear for the duration of your cryotherapy session. Once you step into the cryotherapy
chamber, nitrogen mist is used to cool it down to a temperature of -140°C. However, our team
will work alongside you to determine what temperature is most comfortable and suitable for you.
As the ice cold temperatures go to work on your muscles and joints, our dedicated cryotherapy
professionals will be there to supervise your treatment, making sure everything goes perfectly
and to help you out of the chamber once the session is complete.

How Does Cryotherapy Help an Athlete’s Recovery?
The most important way cryotherapy can help an athlete’s recovery is by significantly reducing
the amount of time it takes to get your body back to normal after an intense training session or
game. Pulling up sore after a particularly tough day of exercise can be extremely frustrating,
especially for athletes, as it greatly diminishes your ability to perform at your peak.

Cryotherapy aims to decrease your recovery time and eliminate muscle soreness from intense
sessions. For many years now various different styles of cold therapy have been employed by
athletes, like icing specific muscles, spending time in ice baths, or even using the cold ocean
water. While these have proven useful for athletes, cryotherapy treatments can be far more
effective at reducing inflammation and cell damage. This means issues such as DOMS
(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) have far less impact, allowing you to get back to performing
at your best sooner.

What Are The Benefits of Cryotherapy for Athletes?
While muscle and joint recovery are the most obvious and widely discussed benefits of
cryotherapy for athletes, there are also a number of other factors that can assist you and boost
your overall performance.
For those looking to lose weight, cryotherapy can be a useful tool to assist in reaching your
goals. The freezing temperatures can actually speed up your body’s metabolism in an attempt
to reclaim your lost body temperature. In the process of this happening, you may actually burn
hundreds of calories.
Similarly, Cryotherapy can also be a booster for your skin. The increase in metabolism improves
your blood circulation and increases the production of collagen. This results in rejuvenated and
revitalised skin appearance, a handy little benefit that not many athletes would expect when
heading in for a cryotherapy treatment!
Maintaining mental clarity and high levels of energy are critical for every athlete, especially
when you’re attempting to perform at the highest level possible. The endorphin boost created
via cryotherapy is an ideal way to de-stress and help your mind focus. Additionally, studies have
shown that cryotherapy can assist in inducing longer and higher quality sleep for those that use
it. Sleep is a critical part of any athlete's performance, particularly the night before an intense
session. By using cryotherapy you can find yourself with more energy to reach your desired
performance goals.

Where is Cryotherapy Available For Athletes in Sydney?
At Cryospa in Sydney we offer cryotherapy to athletes looking to unlock the recovery benefits
and rejuvenating nature of this treatment. The whole body cryotherapy treatment is run by
professional and knowledgeable staff who guide you through each step of the process, ensuring
you get the most out of your experience.
Make a booking for your cryotherapy treatment at our Crows Nest, Sydney location today, or get
in contact with us to learn more about the array of health and wellness services we offer.