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If you’re a regular infrared sauna user or are looking to get into infrared sauna therapy for
the first time, you’re gonna want to learn how to get the most out of your session.
The key to boosting the therapeutic benefits of an infrared sauna session is not simply
walking into the cabin, sitting down for half an hour, and then leaving. There’s a bit more to
it than that.

Of course, you can simply do that (and reap some rewards of infrared light). Some of the
benefits you can enjoy include pain relief, alleviation of any arthritis pain or chronic stiffness
you may be experiencing, and much more. But the human body will be best served with some simple preparation beforehand.

Below, we’ve outlined five tips you can put into action designed to maximise the benefits of
your infrared sauna session.

1. Prepare with a workout

The first thing to prepare for an infrared sauna session is to get your blood pumping – pretty
much anything you can think of to dilate those blood vessels.
That means that before exposing yourself to infrared heat (and depending on your body),
revisit that exercise routine of yours and perform one of the following activities:
 Go for a gentle gym session – whether that be a slow jog on the treadmill, the bike
or the rower.
 Smash out a yoga session. Work up a little bit of a sweat before hitting the sauna.
 Go for a 20-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session if you’re up to doing
it (although this may not be the best idea if you have joint pain).
 Do a plank workout. It strengthens your abs, but also your shoulders, legs and glutes.
2. Have a relaxing shower
Cleanliness is vital during an infrared sauna therapy session. Before diving in, hit the
showers and completely rinse off every inch of your skin. Don’t let your sweat replace your
This means thoroughly washing your face so that all makeup, sweat and dirt is gone. You
want to enter into that sauna completely fresh, with no chemicals in the pores of your skin.
Hygiene in the sauna needs to be at the max. If you enter into the sauna without a shower,
you run the risk of bringing in an unfriendly smell that may stop both you and others from
thoroughly enjoying the experience.

3. Drink plenty of water before your session

We find that not drinking enough water is a mistake that a lot of a new infrared sauna users
Let’s face it. Infrared saunas get hot. While you won’t be exposed to extreme heat, these
machines are specifically designed to raise your core body temperature, so they’re going to
make you sweat. Hydration in these circumstances is essential.
And while sweating is great for you (it gets rid of harmful toxins from your pores), too much
can leave you feeling fatigued and nauseous. You do not want to suffer from heat stroke.
The simple way to approach is to treat your sauna session like a regular workout. Pump
yourself full of water more than you normally would on any day of the week (trust us – the
human body needs it). It’s like how you would prepare for a session in a traditional sauna.
If you are thirsty after your infrared session, that means you simply didn’t drink enough

Do not drink alcohol before an infrared sauna session.
Infrared heat and alcohol don’t mix well together. Drinking beer, wine, spirits or any other
kind of alcohol will get your liver and kidneys working overtime, and your body will enter
into a state of dehydration.
So if you drink on the day you enter into an infrared sauna, you may suffer from excessive
dehydration. Remember – it’s your core temperature that will be rising.
The results from drinking can therefore be nasty. You could get sick and throw up inside the
cabin, no doubt ruining your session and denying others from enjoying the day.  If you’re
intoxicated, you may also injure yourself by falling over.
And, no, there’s no such thing as ‘sweating out your hangover’. Just … drink water.

4. Don’t eat just before your session

After a workout to prepare for a sauna session, you might feel a little peckish. We suggest
holding off from eating until after spending time in an infrared cabin.
This is because, when you’re exposed to the infrared lamps, your circulation may boost and
increase the flow of glucose, oxygen and amino acids throughout your body.
The result is that your body may delay digestion because it is focused on spreading nutrients
throughout your body.
If you do give yourself a full stomach before your session, you run the risk of suffering some
nausea and actually stop your body from digesting your food.
If you desperately need to eat, eat something light (such as a salad).

5. Take a cold shower after

After exposure to some intense infrared heat, all your pores will have opened and your body
will feel cleansed. Your blood pressure will be pumping. You’ll be working up a pretty good
sweat. Your core body temperature will be more than what it usually is.
So, once you’re done, it’s time to close those pores shut and rise away all that sweat. You
don’t want the toxins to be reabsorbed into your body after working so hard to get rid of
So, similarly to a regular sauna, you’ll want to have a cold shower right after your infrared
treatment. It won’t just close your pores, it’ll rejuvenate your entire body by boosting your
If you’re keen to go one step further, use a loofah to scrub yourself and get rid of any nasty
dead skin cells lingering on your body.

Looking for infrared sauna treatment in Sydney?
The team at Cryospa Clinics operates infrared saunas in Sydney’s beautiful north shore,
operating out of Crows Nest.
Our sessions are specifically designed to detoxify your systems, encourage an increase in
blood flow and improved circulation, while getting you feeling re-energised after a 30-45
minute experience.
Book a session with us, and you’ll be given your own completely private room, with towels available
and cold fresh water for you to fill up a bottle.
Feel free to tune out with relaxing music of your choice or turn on the iPad and watch your
favourite shows on Netflix, Stan, YouTube, Disney Plus and more.
But we know that infrared treatment is a little different from a regular sauna therapy
session. It is not the same thing as exposure to conventional heat. If you’ve got any
questions on how our infrared therapy works, feel free to reach out to our friendly and
knowledgeable team.
We’ll also be pleased to point you in the right direction if you’re suffering from a health
condition. We can help you know your comfortable operating temperature and also
understand if our clinic is right for you.
Always consult your doctor before trying an infrared sauna session for the first time,
especially if you have a medical condition.