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There are plenty of therapies out there in these modern times that are designed to aid with healing and wellbeing in general. Some of these therapies are quite well known as massage, acupuncture, or naturopathy and then there are some others that are a little less well known such as halotherapy or chromotherapy. But just because they are a little more obscure, this may not necessarily mean that they haven’t been around for a long time and that they are not effective when it comes to aiding with certain ailments. 

For example, there are plenty of people out there who may notice that when the cooler months roll around, they have a harder time getting out of bed and that their moods start to decline. And season affective disorder is a very real thing and can occur when people are not getting exposed to enough natural light throughout the day. And for people in this position, they may find it beneficial to implement something into their lives such as colour therapy, otherwise known as chromotherapy as it helps with restoring the imbalance that they are experiencing. 

How chromotherapy works and how it can potentially assist you with your health

The history of using colour as medicine dates back to the ancient Egyptians and has commonly been used throughout the years to aid with restoring balance in the body. And the body may be thrown out of balance due to a variety of reasons ranging from stress, trauma, eating the wrong foods, or experiencing a health crisis. Nowadays, the practice usually includes sitting with a particular light colour ray, depending on what colour somebody is needing. And deciding on what colour is needed can be established through exploring the Chakra system. 

The Chakra system explores the belief that all beings wear a coat of many colours that will shift and change depending on what is going on in someone’s life. So if someone has been exposed to too much blue light, for example, they may find it beneficial to sit with the colour red or orange to balance this out (in fact, many people will actually wear orange glasses at night time just to avoid the overstimulation that can be caused from blue light). But whatever the issue may be, sitting with a certain coloured light can be beneficial when it comes to mood, skin conditions, relaxation, PMS, and much more. 

Using chromotherapy in conjunction with other therapies

As chromotherapy has so many potential benefits, it is quite common to see clinics out there such as our own here at Cryospa Clinic include this in conjunction with other therapies that are offered. For example, we offer colour therapy for our clients when they are enjoying our infrared sauna or when they are implementing halotherapy. We find that this not only helps people relax and unwind a little more, but we also find that it can offer an extra boost when it comes to working on specific ailments. 

For example, those who are looking to heal feelings of grief and sadness may find it beneficial to sit with a pink light and then those who are looking to boost their white blood cells may like to sit with a purple light. If you are ever curious to learn more about this area and about what colours may be best to work with for you and your body, be sure to chat to one of our professional team members here at Cryospa Clinic to learn more and to book your first appointment.