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Localised Cryotherapy Sydney

Are you looking for an innovative new way to treat that niggling ache or pain, assist in weight loss or treat some skin conditions?

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Like you might reach for an ice pack to treat those sports injuries, reoccurring pains or chronic aches, localised cryotherapy is designed to target certain areas of the body, and may assist in the treatment of inflammation and the improvement blood circulation to an affected area.

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What is Localised Cryotherapy?

Localised cryotherapy is a powerful health and wellbeing tool that may aid in the treatment of a number of issues.

A session of localised cryotherapy in Sydney at Cryospa involves the application of pressurised nitrogen vapor onto a particular area of concern, such as a sore shoulder, bad lower back, injured ankle or dermatitis on the hands.

Each session can last between 5-10 minutes, which may work to decrease inflammation and swelling by improving blood flow to specific areas.

How Cryotherapy Can Help You

While whole body cryotherapy may assist in cooling down the entire body, localised cryotherapy may aid in the cooling an affected area – allowing our Cryospa team to apply the powerful nitrogen blast to your areas of pain or concern.

Localised cryotherapy is a popular treatment option, and may assist a number of ailments, aches and pains, including in the treatment of sport injury, arthritic pain, skin conditions and even weight loss.

Sport & Injury Recovery

Cryo treatments in Sydney are popular with athletes and sports enthusiasts because the treatments may aid in recovery after a game or a race.

Cryotherapy works to promote healing and may aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation in affected areas by improving blood flow to the area.

If you’ve recently had surgery, cryotherapy may also be a great complementary treatment to assist your recovery.

May Reduce Arthritic Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis can be debilitating those who suffer with it, so any treatment that may lead to an improvement is worth trying!

Cryotherapy may causes your body to circulate oxygen-rich blood to the area affected by arthritis, which can improve range of motion, reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

Works to Treat Atopic Dermatitis and Other Skin Conditions

Painful, sore and persistent skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis can decrease your self-esteem and confidence.

Cryotherapy may aid in the treatment a number of skin conditions in a pain free, non-invasive way.

One skin condition that may see great benefits is atopic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin disease characterised by dry and itchy skin. Luckily, cryotherapy works to improve anti-oxidants levels in the blood, which helps to reduce inflammation.


Cryotherapy may also be used as an anti-aging treatment. Known as ‘frotox’, this form of localised cryotherapy may aid in the reduction of inflammation in the face and neck, and may work by boosting collagen production for plumper and firmer looking skin.

This treatment may also improve the penetration of your skin care products, so you get more out of your products. 

Weight Loss

Localised cryotherapy may assist by be shaping and sculpting the body through the freezing of fat cells, & may assist in helping to remove fat from stubborn areas in a non-invasive way in approximately 10 minutes.

During the treatment, fat cells may begin to disintegrate and may result in the shrinking and tightening of diet-resistant areas such as the buttocks, thighs, hips and belly.

Localised & Whole Body Cryotherapy at Cryospa

Our team at Cryospa ensure every client who walks through the door receives the best experience possible.

As an award-winning business, we are committed to helping you to revitalise, rejuvenate and re-energise your mind and body with cryotherapy treatments proven to benefit you.

For better overall health and wellbeing, make a booking to visit Cryospa today or call us on (02) 8964 7951 for more information on cryo in Sydney.

*These treatments are not meant to cure disease and to consult your medical professional before undergoing our treatments

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